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I like the style or writing, well placed sarcasm and irony, albeit on some details a bit overboard with too much of this and that but can be excusable as the "magazine" says it all in the title - essay :).

All in all it reminds me at times of some of the Flare Path articles from RockPaperShotgun.



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As commented on facebook, too much emphasis on the PvP side of things. He should have mentioned the pleasures are also to be found on the PvE (server) side. And how well Ai battles are to ensure it stays enjoyable - and hard (which is the same in a world of "pain and suffering").

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I wish I had topics like this to write about when I was in college. They would always give us something boring to write about and of course our essays were bad. If I could write about naval battles or about the great sea voyages it would be much more interesting. Because of that I had to pay for my essays to be written, I even got scammed a few times until I found https://www.smartpapers247.com/essay-writing-services/. They work 24/7 and their professional writers can write on any topic you need. No one will ever know that it wasn't you who wrote it and you will get your paper in the quickest time possible.

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