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DLC Trade ship that isn't a refit combat trader

Trade Ship DLC  

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  1. 1. I know a few have mention interest in a trade ship dlc. I think the Xedec or LRQ would be a great model for this. Just remove all guns except put 2lbs on the gun decks. Half the crew and use the same model we have in game. Since it's a DLC you can only have one at a time.

    • Yes I would buy this.
    • No not buying anything like that.
    • I like this but make it a craftable ship.

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I know folks have said a Xebec trader would be nice in game.  I was thinking a DLC trade ship that can be redeem pretty much any where would be great. Maybe just have it with 2lbs on front and side decks and no other guns and half the crews (125 still high) so that it won't be easy to just rage board, like other shallow trade ships.   Being able to just redeem one a day will keep folks from having fleets of them too.

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the idea sound nice ^^ give trader ship a new sail profile for people to use but I would like something with a tbrig cargo hold at least as the xebec usually is very big size. 

but I do not want to pay for it xD I will prefer to pay combat ship 

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hmm, I am suddenly thought of some idea. You know when you redeem a dlc ship you can choose planking and hull?

so i am thinnking of idea that the dev can implement that doesnt need them to spend the time to design the ship model again and I come with this idea. 

what if they add a new one instead of crew space they can choose cargo space? So the ship still look the same with the model but instead maybe 600 weight it can carry 1000 weight but the cannon it can use will be reduce. 

example is that if you choose fir and cargo space for requin, you still get the same requin but you can have maybe 800-900 cargo space this time and you cannot use carronade and only 4 pound or 6 pound broadside cannon only. So you get the alternative of many other ship but I do not know if the cargo space option should let player enter enemy port. 

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1 hour ago, Raekur said:

2 pound guns front and rear and nothing on the side? Sounds like easy meat for hunters unless this thing has an obnoxious speed to outrun anything else.

the stern should have at least 4 or 6 pounder as trader sometimes carry only 2 guns at stern 

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4 hours ago, Yachteru said:

the stern should have at least 4 or 6 pounder as trader sometimes carry only 2 guns at stern 

Actually i misread what Texas said, he suggested 2 pound on the front and side and nothing on the rear. Still easy meat for any hunter in anything bigger than a lynx. So even if it has 125 crew (which he says is still too high) it can be stern camped to death or just sit on its broadside and blast the crap out of it watching its pea shooters bounce off your hull.

So he is thinking of this as being a DLC ship but there is no one who has ever sailed a trader that would spend $40 on this unless it has a base speed of over 13 knots fully loaded.

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