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10k salt :) ? make salt usable again ?

( out of jk mood, i posted 10k doubloons just a measure of a tow ship being of paramount importance, can be whatever but not a insignificant amount, and 10k is at the waterline between the average commitment player, maybe has stockpiled some 25k, and the veteran everyday for a few hours which has excess of 60k or more. same with no stockpiling permits. buy them, have to use them in the same day.)

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17 hours ago, Liq said:

easier to buy an alt ;) 

Good point Liq.  Alts allow us quick access to an unlimited number of Tows per day.

Also, could use Nation chat and offer compensation for a Tow.  (WTB KPR to Trux Tow for 10,000 Doubloons. PM)

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10k dubloons is too much for the average casual player. 

I do not think making this idea a DLC is a good idea, the game is already moving towards becoming P2W too fast.

Here is how one might set up the system to make it fair and to restrict hardcore players from abusing it:

1. Allow a maximum of 4 extra tows in a week. Initial extra tow will cost 200 dubloons.

2. Each tow that is purchased within 24 hours of the previous purchase will cost extra. 

First tow = 200

Second in 24 hrs = 800

Third in 24hrs = 2000

Fourth in 24hrs = 3800

Fifth in 24hrs = 6200

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