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Our beloved king, the König von Preußen, wants to make an announcement to his loyal subjects regarding the recent unsettling news in the New World. His Majesty, feels that the interests of our glorious Nation in the neuen Welt might be in danger. 

Therefore, his Greatness has decided to increase the presence of our ambitious Navy in the West Indies.


All seamen, experienced and inexperienced, captains and ambitious landsmen willing to start a new life at sea are hereby invited to appear to the nearest Königlich Preußische West Indische Compagnie and enlist. Seine Majestät promises adventure, fame and the pay to be delivered accurately every week!


His Majesty is also willing to grant Letters of Marque to all vessel owners who are willing to pursue a career of a privateer against the enemies of our glorious state.


General info and Requirements:

Laid-back attitude

Decent knowledge of seamanship (game mechanics)

EU timezone

Main language = English. Current secondaries: German, Greek and Dutch

Goals of ROVER

A Clan playerbase of around 6-10 active players

engage into commerce raiding

engage into trading/crafting/escorting

PVE as Port Raids / Privateer Fleets


If you are interested feel free to contact Z4ys or Sella ingame or here in the forum for more information.






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Dear captains of the Caribbean!


The great Kingdom of Prussia has come to know difficult times! With the violent departure of major clans from our proud nation we are searching for every able captain to defend Prussian holdings in the Caribbean from many enemies!


And once in Prussia, which clan better to enlist than ROVER! SeaRovers enjoy a well known and established name on the seas. Primarily known for our love and specialisation in 6th and 7th rate ships, we scourge the Caribbean under our well know motto:


‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’


Now we invite you to be part of those thousand cuts by enlisting to our clan colours! And together, we shall aim to protect Prussia through Iron and Blood!

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