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Accused of green-on-green, with a sprinkling of toxic behaviour

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Hopefully I am filing this properly, have not had the need yet so far nor did I expect that it would come to this so quickly to be honest. After tagging a Elite Essex NPC in my Ingerman near Gustavia I suddenly got a PM from player Urca De Lima, see following;


I was a bit weirded out but I pretty much figured whatever, right click reported, and went on with making my way towards the NPC Essex I was in battle with. Suddenly the player in question loaded into the battle as well, which was a little bit annoying, but it's a free world so whatever right? All went quite well, he and his bot Trinco started doing some damage and as soon as I got in range I did likewise. I had to be a bit creative with manoeuvering because it seemed he and the bot where attempting some form of pincer move. Had quite a few opportunities to shoot blocked by that bot, but not the end of the world so I held my fire and only shot when it was safe. This went on for a bit untill the Essex was really low and about to sink, after which it appeared to me that Urca either intentionally boarded him, or got himself boarded trying to prevent me from shooting and possibly looting once that Essex would have sunk.

I was a bit annoyed by that since I was in the instance first but, I had done my share of damage, and would get my share of the XP so whatever. Or so I thought. Much to my bewilderment the Essex won that boarding against the Rattvisan. I now found myself facing a (elite?) captain (no idea if that carried over to the new ship tbh) in a really quite healthy ship, and one of a size I quite frankly would not have sought out alone. Then the player, Urca De Lima send the following messages;


Which leads us to the reason I am even bothering to open this post, the player in question claims to have video of me shooting him. He certainly does not because I had been rather carefull not to shoot him, or his bot Trinco for that matter. However given the, for lack of a better word, threats made aside from his general behaviour I figured I perhaps ought to report this sequence of events on the forums and not just right click ingame. I had seen whilst scrolling through this section before ingame F11 reports where often required, so I have made those as well. Since I am rather new both to the game and entirely new to reporting here, my apologies if I have not followed the correct procedures.

Best regards,


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Greetings Captain.

You do not need to create a tribunal topic in your defence if someone accused you in-game. You can reply to defend yourself in already created topic (if there were any). Please report toxic chat via the chat report function.

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