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DLC Suggestions

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The obvious DLCs for the 1775-1815 period are (hypothetical titles):

Rise of the Raj, the ascendancy of the British East India Company, and a chapter or two in a campaign that needs to be unlocked--by winning the British campaign on the corresponding difficulty or higher first--focusing on the decline and ultimate collapse of the Dutch East India Company

Ice and Gunfire, the Danish, Swedish and Russian campaigns, considerably shorter and more compact than the others, mostly in the Baltic but with a chapter or two elsewhere, includes such historical features as being robbed blind of your fleet's heavy units and everything on them and being limited to small-boat attacks on British warships if you play the Danish campaign on Hard and unlock the bonus chapter of "After Copenhagen", with a possibility of saving the last Danish ship of the line at Zealand Point if you are skilled and lucky...

The Old Empire, Spanish campaigns, of course! I'm sure there's at least one or two big admirals of this period to follow...

The Old Alliance, Portuguese campaigns (following multiple major admirals), because the Portuguese Empire was still considerable even in this time, plus British campaigns around the Iberian Peninsula.

Viva La France, Obvious name is obvious.

Those are the "LOL SO OBVIOUS" ones.

More importantly, the choice of "Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail" as a name gives you a large, LARGE variety of options.



The Age of Sail (usually dated as 1571–1862)

Now, for emphasis...


usually dated as 1571–1862

...I think I've communicated that clearly, so on to the actual point!

Post-Napoleonic actions with steam ships existing would be more difficult to model unless we model them as being able to make way (when sails are rolled up) against the wind, so we can probably narrow it down to 1571 (Lepanto) to 1815. IF you want to go for when the British first had their first-rate, second-rate, etc. rating system by gun count, you are looking at 1677 to 1815.

Before this however there were many very obvious campaign sets which can be modelled with existing game mechanics. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars:_1500–1799. For naval wars we want the colonial empires, so right off the bat we have...

The Armadas: Anglo-Spanish War 1585-1604 (Because it wasn't just the Spanish Armada, but also an English Armada). Be warned that you will have plenty of land actions including swords and pikes.

Cuius Regio, Eius Religio: Naval and minor amphibious actions of the Thirty Years' War.

The Dutch East Indieshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch–Portuguese_War and some later Dutch wars' campaigns in the region.

Oliver Cromwell: This is likely to be two or more campaigns, including the English Civil War, the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660), an Anglo-Dutch War, etc. Because I can assure you that Netherlanders and even Belgians or Germans would be VERY interested in playing de Ryuter, Tromp, and other comparable great names.

The Sun King: Nine Years' War naval campaigns

Consanguinity Is Unhealthy: War of the Spanish Succession

The Quadruple Alliance: War of the Quadruple Alliance, of course!

A Friend In Need: Portuguese Restoration War

Ave Maria: War of the Austrian Succession

Some terrible joke or other about Oranges: one or more Anglo-Dutch Wars.

Rule Britannia: Seven Years' War, the rise of the First British Empire, also known by some as World War Zero but actually World War Negative One.

And so on for various other major wars or chains of wars where you can assemble a good campaign or two.

Most of the ones before 1677 aren't exactly required, but if World War -1 AKA the Seven Years' War (Napoleonics is World War 0) isn't fertile ground for DLC campaigns, player discontent is likely to get real. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I should note that even after 1815 there are campaigns which rate attention. For example, do the words "Almirante Cochrane" ring a bell? He served in the RN, the Chilean Navy, the Brazilian Navy, and the Greek Navy.


What do you guys think? Any other suggestions you'd like to bring up?

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 I would love to have a French Campaign as DLC.   It could build on the British and American campaigns and have a few new missions.   

Also, a campaign set in the late 1700s in the Caribbean as the French, Spanish and British fight for dominance and against piracy.  

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I was told on Discord that the devs have to make their maps pretty much manually in the game engine with no separate easy-to-use scenario editor like the Age of Empires series has. So the most important DLCs would be:

The World Is Your Oyster: Can replay won campaign missions as scenarios (just discovered the Battles tab in-game after purchasing so I suppose this is already there...). Starting funds before the battle are based on price tag of max-scaled enemy forces on max difficulty, plus/minus some (say +/-20%) depending on difficulty.

Here Be Dragons: To make campaign creation easier--because the game is sure to attract enough customers to justify MANY DLCs, almost Paradox game tier DLC counts (see Europa Universalis IV), the devs really should make a scenario editor for dev usage. A slightly less background-code-heavy version can eventually be released for the general public. It will not negatively affect sales of official DLC campaigns because AOE2's editor sure as hell didn't affect their later DLCs, and in fact massively boosted the longevity of the game!

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Great ideas. Couple of my favorite games were Nitro's East India Company and Commander Conquest of the Americas. This Ultimate Admiral 'engine' could easily cover all or most of the dimensions covered in those two as well.

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