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Hostility Cheat / Alt-farming


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Today some REDS-players entered a hostility mission at Gasparilla, thinking they would find a fight against the Spanish players that had joined on the opposite side.

What they found is shown here:


4 Spanish players had already surrendered in this battle. All presumably in store-bought ships (without cannons maybe?)

The logical conclusion from this is that Spinacia, who currently tops the PvP-leaderboard as I type this, is an alt.


Our suspicion is that the surrendered Spanish players are working with this alt in an effort to set a port-battle on Gasparilla, where with no clans on the friendlist of NRED2, this would leave the port invulnerable for several days, preventing a real attack on Gasparilla.

There is a very recent and very relevant precedent that applies here:

In this recent tribunal hostility on a port was also raised with the use of surrendering enemies. But in the case at hand, the purpose is more malicious. This time it is not a creative way to trade conclude a mutually agreed port-trade. In this case, all evidence suggest the purpose is to make a port invulnerable by cheats.

I want to point out that all the players that joined on Russian side after the initiating player are unaware and uninvolved in the action. Both REDS and RIC players joined looking for a real fight. On the Spanish side, the actions of the surrendered players in the screenshot speak for themselves. As for the rest that joined I don't have enough information to determine their involvement or not. 

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