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Victory condition confusion


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Sorry I forgot to F11 this one, I'll be better about it in the future.

I just finished Dinner for the Admiral and ended up rescuing the Walpole, capturing the Santa Rita and, well, the San Juan Bautista struck her colours, the coward thus making it impossible to sink her as required. Here's where it gets confusing, though. In the post battle screen the result was listed as a victory, but the goals were marked with red crosses as if they failed (due to the San Juan not being sunk, I assume). Near as I can tell, I was rewarded as if it was a victory, and I now have San Juan Bautista as a prize, which is nice.

Not dissatisfied, just a bit confused is all.

P.S.: Whoa, that beefed up Walpole! No more sending off a longboat to recapture her now!

Keep up the good work!

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13 hours ago, pandakraut said:

Capturing ships also fulfills the destroy conditions. Though the goal conditions don't always reflect that.

That was the whole thing, really. I still won and got the appropriate rewards, it's just the summary screen was a bit confusing. No huge deal, just a bit of cosmetics. 🙂

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