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Well, turned out to be not my cup of tea.

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Well I think that all comes down to how the campaign is written. For example doing the intro for the US campaign to then get stuck at bunker hill having to join in the fight makes sense lore wise. Would make a lot less sense if it just said well instead of doing anything on sea you decided to go fight on land and defend bunker hill randomly. Otherwise saying, so long as the description provides a story that connects the dots, then I am fine with it. 

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On 1/11/2020 at 1:50 PM, akd said:

Except Nelson was absolutely not fighting for independence.  

“By Land, By Sea” is a good subtitle for Ultimate Admiral, and “Admiral” is good family name for the first tactical game to even attempt to properly depict the interrelated nature of land and sea operations.

If anything, the game still somewhat trivializes the difficulty of command in this area.  Way too easy to sail ships right up to the coast and disgorge troops under the guns of a fort.

Battles that are land only are fine as well as long as there is a direct connection to the sea campaign and they are not just stuck in as filler.

Cutting out expeditions using small boats to capture anchored ships would be great as well. Very prevalent along the US coast when a smaller ships hid up a river where larger ships of the line or even frigates could not go. 

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As a thought, having not played since one of the early builds....Choosing to have the land battle parts be AI controlled, but allowing the Player, if they choose to stay as a naval oriented player control Marines / Armed Sailors / Naval Manned artillery? 

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On 1/9/2020 at 10:04 PM, sterner said:

Described solution is included into the latest patch. Epic large battles Bunker Hill and Snatch have got alternatives. 

PS! You need to restart campaign to get alternative for Snatch. 

Today I played Bunker Hill in new campaign and at the lower flag I had 3 infantry units that charged an enemy unit which ran south to near where the supply wagon comes out and after the enemy disbanded those 3 infantry units got stuck on the map and would not move forward so for the rest of the 2 hours battle I had no use of them.  And one of the enemy cannon unit that was below the little hill by the ocean once I captured it again as nearly every time I play this battle that unit will not move so I always have to leave it behind or the unit will be blasted to death by the war ship.  Same bugs as always. Just saying. Reported many times. 

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