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I wanted to ask the developers if it is planned to introduce some other Spanish line ship (I remember winning the survey years ago)

hehe sorry I don't know much English. I just hope we can see more Spanish heavy ships. we only have the santisima

USA didn't build any first rate in the NA timeframe. I can't remember any dutch first rate of the late XVIII century, maybe because of shallow waters. The game has already a few russian ship

New ship is clearly not what is needed the most, neither lacking.


 If it's to implement a 13kn op spanish 3rd rate, that's not super healthy. 


Half the ships in game are sadly used only by ia (rattle, cutter, t-snow, pickle, brig, navy brig, mercury, cerberus, essex, frigate, pavel, uss), or never used (t-cutter, heavy rattlesnake) or simply hidden (santa cecilia, diana) or used "sometimes" as trash ship capped from ia (3rd rate, belle poule?, victory). do i need to list the very few Wappen, Ingermanland, maybe even Wasa now, Santissima trinidad, Indefatigable, Aggamemnon, pirate frig we can spot around..


I'm ok for any new ship in the timeframe. But there will allways be another ship/nation to push for.. Dutch had none, they will have 1 or 2 soon, what will be next, push for a Polish ship ?  I'd prefer push for better Port battles & hostility, meteo, new player experience, town models, pirate mechanisms, even boarding..

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7 hours ago, Durin said:

The current timeframe is 1715(Ingermanland) to 1814 (Hercules) right?

Dont you think there are enough awesome ships in this timeframe so we dont need to consider far more modern vessels that would require to get nurfed af to make them work?

I don't think using existing in game ships as the rule for the timeline is right. How else would the Herc have been added (it was outside of the current timeline!)?

I also stated before that I do think they should add several more famous ships first...like the Spanish ones some on this forum are so fanatical about. You can't go wrong with more ships as long as they are nerfed or buffed to properly balance the game (like most of them are).

History bluffs need to take a chill pill, there will always have to be an element of fantasy in order to balance this game. 

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On 2/22/2020 at 1:52 PM, Durin said:

I dont think this timeframe was choosen by accident, as it represents exactly 100 years of the golden age of sail :)

Coincidences can be round numbers too. It's not like the 100 years is a hard cutoff (assuming it is 100), otherwise we would have to remove all the ships that lasted far into the second half of the 1800s.

Remember when the devs said no DLC line ships? That was a hard cutoff right?

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I’m not sure it would be a success while still a 3rd rate but if it got balanced into the 4th rate slot, the Constitution is a natural as a DLC. So many would buy just for sentimental reasons alone.

(Don’t kill me; you know they must have thought of it.)

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