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Grapeshot Damage Rework Feedback

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2. Reworked grapeshot damage. It affected other things related to crew damage: boarding and musket shooting on ships. We are going to continue to balance based on your feedback.


Okay, here my personal feedback.

Imo, grapshot damage is a bit to high atm, especially when ship had full amor.

I m an old NA Veteran, so maybe thats why i think it needs some balance.

My suggestion:

actual Grapedamage can stay when amor is down to 50%

half of actual crewdamage when ship has full amor

and double of actual damage when ships has no amor left/ or when structure is down but armor is full(sternraking)

what do you think?  @sterner

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How effective is grape over a longer period of time as you continue to kill the crew. Is it similar to chain where you have to target different sails otherwise you won't do any damage? Essentially is there a point where you wiped out all the "easy kills" and thus the performance drops significantly. 

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I aggree. I would like this to be made far more "arcadey" than it is. Use current grapeshot damage as base and start with it a 100 percent decreased against 100 percent armour. Little to no damage against "fresh" ships, devastating effect when hammering ships completely stripped of armour. Shortening the range to no little further than musket shot might also help balance this, forcing players to be still be aggressive and stay close when capturing, rather than just "sniping" the crew out.

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