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Several of us are working on Wiki type info for Age of Sails. In this thread I will talk about the Campaigns. I will keep to general structure as the game is still in development and some of the details are likely to change.

Currently there are 2 Campaigns - each roughly follows the life of a Hero from that country.

The first Campaign is the British Campaign and focuses on the life of Horatio Nelson. The Campaign begins with a story line from his childhood. As the story progresses you are asked several questions. Each of these questions will have an impact on your play style. We will go into detail on this in a different thread. 2 of these questions will determine if you play Naval battles Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty. The second question with do the same for land battles.

The second Campaign is the American Campaign and it roughly follows the life of John Paul Jones. it also has several questions which will have an impact on your play style and set the difficulty level of your game.

All of the Campaigns are organized into Chapters. Each Campaign with consist of 5 chapters. We currently have access to the first 3 chapters of each campaign. The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1 is the Introduction battle. This is always a naval battle. At the end of this battle you will see a screen that tells you the resources at your disposal as you begin Chapter 2.

Chapters 2 thru 4 will consist of 4 phases each. Each Phase will consist of 1 Naval battle, 1 Land or Amphibious battle and 1 or more POI battles.

At the beginning of each Battle you will have an opportunity to assign Career Points for your Hero, purchase technology upgrades, & make change to your ships and troops.


A Point of Interest (POI) battle is marked on the map with a "?". Any ships assigned to this battle will not be returned until the end of the phase. It is a good idea to not assign any ships to a POI battle until the last battle of the Phase.

During the last phase of each chapter there will be a final Battle. Which is marked with a special symbol. In the British Campaign there is also an "Easter Egg" battle added in. You will only get to play this battle if you were successful at capturing the 4th rate Ardent during the Fireworks battle.

The current plan is to release to Steam as soon as the first 3 chapters of both campaigns are stable.

I cannot talk about the 4th or 5th chapter since they have not been released yet. I can say that the British campaign is intended to go up to and include the American War of 1812. There has also been mention of additional chapters that may give you the chance to play a battle from history, such as Trafalgar. There have also been requests for additional Campaigns. This is likely to be in a future DLC.


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