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Very Interested but which game ??


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Hi Forums o/ Hi to anyone who knows me from way-back in my Naval Action career. 

(I have posted a similar topic in Dreadnoughts forum, apologies for doubling up but wan't sure which was most active)

I'm interested in trying out Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail and Ultimate Admiral:  Dreadnoughts. 


I have two questions.

My first question is: Which of the two titles is more complete.


My second question: I am intending to stream for the first time in the new year, using Twitch and would like to stream content for one or both titles. 

Could anyone link or inform me of what protocols/permissions are required, content that can be viewed and discussed etc.


Many Thanks







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1: The EA release for steam is almost here for AOS. 3 Chapters of the British and 2 Chapters of the Americans are now released. EA will consist of another American chapter plus additional polish. Most likely will be released in the next two months. Dreadnoughts, on the other hand, is really still just you being able to play battles and the campaign is still quite a ways off.

2: From what I've seen, there is no real restrictions on publicizing the games as there are quite a few people already streaming/youtubing it up.

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Thank-you for the replies guys. Much  appreciated.

Once the family side of Xmas is out of the way, I will set to working out how to plug all of my streaming kit together and hopefully start streaming in the next couple of days. It also Sounds like Age of Sail is where to start, being the closer to launch.

Merry Xmas :)


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