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Over-Conservative Torpedoes

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I'm new to the game, so maybe this is something I'm doing wrong. But I attempted to take a crack at the Semi-Dreadnought mission with a heavy cruiser that's fast, light, and armed with torpedos. Along with two other light cruisers which also had torpedos, I got close to the battleship and waited for the torpedoes to start firing. They didn't. You can see in the image below; the light cruiser selected had its torpedoes set to aggressive. The heavy cruiser's were also set to Aggressive. Despite this, even when I approached the battleships with two ships, neither of them fired and they promptly got destroyed. This is pretty dumb, considering I've had situations where I approached AI-controlled ships which launched torpedoes that were accurate, well-timed and well-aimed at me and wreaked havoc on my own ships. What am I doing wrong here, or is this an issue on the game's end? 



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