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can't log in

thomas aagaard

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If I try to create a new account the website can't open with a error.


And a few minutes later my wife complained that she could not open two specific websites, but that others do work.

And after looking at the website on my internet provider it appear that they have an issue atm.

So I guess I can't reach the server handling the log in and that is what causing this issue.

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I did just that. 🙂 
And it work.

If the error message had been more clear about not being able to contact the log in server I might have figured this out faster.

But I guess the log in part is provided by the company handling that?

Next issue was that I had tried to reinstall the game... So needed to download the game again..
But changing back to my usual (much faster and with no limit on data) internet did work for that.

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