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Narrative Story Creation- Feedback/ Advice wanted/ welcome

Baron Quertier

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Hello all,
Im in the process of making a Narrative story video series using Age of Sail. Effectively its a Lets play series with a narrative from  the  point of view of the Captain in the game. Ive  uploaded  part one already and i think any advice or criticsm from the community would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone would like to help or participate in  the  idea (voice acting, Historical, Naval Advice) please say. 

Here is  the first part for anyone  who might  be  interested 


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Here is  part 3 of the story, ive had several issues of various sorts throughout editting this one. Thoroughly enjoyed the storm mechanics and  spent the entire battle terrified that  my ships might capsize. Once again if you like to contribute in any way to the effort please let me know. Thank  you


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