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Short Term Parking for handing ships to clan members

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Clans want to help members with ships, but sometimes difficult to coordinate handover with people coming on and off line at different times.


Short term parking in the Clan warehouse

How it would work

  • Clan warehouse has a restricted number of dock slots, say 4
  • Members can deposit ships to these slots at the location of the clan warehouse
    • No restrictions on what is on the ship, we can deposit a fully set up ship, guns, cannons, repairs etc 
  • Ships in the slot attract daily parking fees equivalent to the tow price of the ship
    • parking fees are deducted directly from the warehouse money, charged daily
  • Unpaid fees
    • if there is no money to pay for fees, the fees still accrue, but the vessel cannot be withdrawn until fees are paid
    • Fees continue to accumulate for every day the ship is left there
    • The only other way to stop the fees accumulating is to destroy the ship and all its contents, only the creator can do this
    • While unpaid fees remain, no more ships can be deposited
      • If any money is deposited in the clan warehouse, and unpaid fees exist, it will be automatically applied against the unpaid fees

If you like this idea please leave a reply or heart the post. TY.

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@admin I should have checked before posting this. I see what you have replied to the other thread.

I hope you find this idea more attractive as it meets the desire you have expressed previously for both positive and negative balancing elements.

implementation costs are reduced (a little) by tying into the tow price mechanics


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