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Did I get all my XP?

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Hello devs,

I was recently out hunting this weekend in my Niagara with my friend in a Belle Poule. Last night we came across a Rattvisan and sunk it. I did 10k damage and got ~550 xp; my Belle Poule friend got 11k damage and ~650xp. 

I was under the impression that higher BR differences between ships would yield greater XP rewards, and expected to get a lot more XP than the Belle Poule. Is there some sort of cap on the scaling?


Doug Maoz

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14 minutes ago, Wraith said:

Your friend probably also got xp for the kill which bumped up his share, which overcame the defecit due to ship rating difference?

He did indeed get the kill. However, if we both got about the same damage, I think I should have received a chunk more of XP due to the BR difference.

When I have hulled down a Le Gros in a Niagara (90BR), I get 500xp. When I do it in a Prince (65BR), I get ~650xp.

Given the Belle Poule is 180BR and the Niagara is 90BR, fighting a 340BR ship, I would expect to get (pure guesswork here) 1.5x the reward he got?

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