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'Le Fleuron' French 3-Rate 1729 (With Plans)

Ned Loe

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Le Fleuron 1729 


3rd rate


Le Fleuron, a 64-gun ship of the line 3rd rate (vaisseau de 64 canons), was built according to plans by naval architect Blaise Ollivier who also together with his father, Joseph, a naval architect as well, conducted and surveyed the construction of the ship in Brest 1729-32. Le Fleuron is an excellent example of the French naval architecture school at the beginning of the 18th century which was not yet influenced by the English and Dutch naval schools. Le Fleuron was one of the finest ships in Louis XV's navy and received the following testimonial (among others): " all those who have served on Le Fleuron or seen her sailing, regard her as the perfect ship" and it was often the fastest ship in the squadron.

The ship served in the French navy until 1745 when it burned at the roadstead of Brest. In active service Le Fleuron participated in several missions to, among other places, North America, Guinea and notably three trips to the Baltic Sea.

Le Fleuron was 145 feet (French) 8 inches (47,20m) long; 39 feet 4 inches (12,73m) large and 18 feet 2 inches (5,88m) moulded depth. In time of peace Le Fleuron was armed with 60 guns; 24 24-pounder iron guns on the lower deck; 26 12-pounder iron guns on the main deck; and 10 6-pounder iron guns on the forecastle and quarterdeck (the armament changed over time and on my model it is somewhat different from the description presented here). Le Fleuron had a total crew of 450-500 men depending on its mission.


Ship Plans in tif format:













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I wonder how she will preform against a Bellona! She seems similar in a way.

I'm very glad to see more ship models coming out!

The devs are working on the Ingermanland, an early XVIII century russian 64 guns ship. Probably she would be similar in characteristics to Le Fleuron.

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