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I've played up until Stage 3 of the British Campaign and here are the notes I have taken.

Note: Most of these are not bug reports as those have been submitted in game.

Note: 10-14 refer to the marine tactics technology. I haven't had time to check the rest of the text yet

  1. Intro needs transitions as hard cuts are ugly
  2. Differences between Easy/Med/Hard difficulty in the tooltip
  3. Is the campaign or flavor text different for the different starting characters
  4. The scroll bar is inverted on victory screen
  5. Troops and ships are missing from victory screen in Acting Captain
  6. No officer report in Acting Captain
  7. Scrolling in Herald also scrolls the campaign map
  8. Notifications clearing after you read them can be annoying in case of misclick. Right click to dismiss in case of clutter would be preferable even if it’s one extra action the player has to take.
  9. Escape doesn’t open menu on campaign screen
  10. Spelling error(check photos)
  11. Text out of bounding box(check photos)
  12. Non-English character used(not sure if intentional)(check photos)
  13. Grammar errors(check photos)
  14. Double click to recruit officers/change weapons in fleet tab
  15. Second click to close open tab on fleet tab
  16. Camp renamed to fleet base or something for flavor
  17. Way to mark ships to not be fired on (useful for capture missions)
  18. Alternatively different ammo per side(not sure how to implement or even a good idea tbh)
  19. Some frame dropping(occurred every time after several tests in Dinner with the Admiral mission)
  20. Canister shot does too little (broadside at boarding range killed 4 guys)
  21. Optimal crew marker is off(check photos)
  22. How does scaling work?(I Bring 1 5th rate and all of a sudden all the enemies are 5th rates)
  23. Double pressing 1 or double clicking on a control group should jump to it
  24. Does the enemy have some sort of manpower/ ship pool like in UG:CW or is it better to just go for the objectives and ignore everyone else?
  25. Accidentally dismissing soldiers means you have to re-recruit them which is incredibly annoying.
  26. Not enough Land Pattern ‘78 Musket provided to replenish starting soldiers.
  27. What is the difference between unit types? Stats remain the same. Fusiliers also seem to board just as effectively
  28. Selecting a ship for a land battle seems wrong. 
  29. A counter to tell you how many stages you have to fight a main battle would be nice. Unless all of them are only one stage
  30. The retreat time is still way too short. Its very difficult to get back in the battle once you've left it within 30 seconds. Also seeing how the ai can't retreat, they just bring their ships back into play or just let them sit outside the bounding box making it impossible to kill them
  31. When pressing the camp button on the deployment screen, you should be taken to the fleet tab instead of the campaign map.
  32. Charging is still quite over powered due to the much smaller unit sizes, the worse equipment, and the way soldiers engage(by firing at max range). This is also the case for boarding. Troop transports loaded with soldiers seem to dominate in boarding resulting in plenty of trophies and free reputation.

As I continue to play I'll add more information here and in discord. Please feel free to respond with additional thoughts on the game or my feedback.

Grammer Errors.PNG

Not an english charatcer.PNG

OPtimal Off.PNG

Spelling error.PNG

Text Out of Bounding box.PNG

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Notes for translation and other text errors through stage 3 of the campaign.

Note: does not include the in-battle text as I haven’t restarted the game yet.

Note: These are my opinions on what the text should be changed to and my grammar for this probably isn't perfect either.

  1. Save games on main menu don’t display full name (Britain Chapter 2 instead of Britain Chapter 2 Stage 3)
  2. Campaign, Historical, and Custom tabs don’t do anything in load menu
  3. 4 PDR Armstrong description needs to be rewritten.
  4. The text is clunky and hard to follow Reload scale is max for guns with different reloads Guns have similar description Space needed between Captain.I (space between period and I). Same for decision.Recorded (decision. Recorded). Period after 18/03/1780 - Voices mission brief
  5. Period between Spain.The (Spain. The). No comma needed for “reluctantly” (I could be wrong here but it’s not read as if those commas are there) - Snakes and Powder mission brief.
  6. Fireship Explosives Module description flows really poorly. “It’s easy to find a ship to scrap gunpowder, oil, and flammable rags from. The hard part is finding a crew crazy enough to sail her into battle.” Would be better imo.
  7. Remove the word “where” in between “fighting, where the musket”. Period after “mainly as a club” instead of comma. “Allow mounting spike bayonette for next firearms:” what does that mean? - Bayonet description L
  8. ight Infantry Tactics description could be expanded a bit
  9. Optimized Rig description has a grammatical error. Should be Developed by traders (and smugglers), improves sail management system.
  10. Structure Repair Kit I repeats its description except in all caps
  11. Boarding Equipment I has a spelling error with “Do not includes body bags.” Should be “Does not include body bags.” Love this description though :)
  12. Double Shot Module misspells Extreme (Extrime was used). “Extrime times requires extreme measures, so if enemy will wipe your ship at any distance they can reach.” Needs to be rewritten to “Extreme times requires extreme measures. The enemy will attempt to destroy your ship at any distance within range of their guns.” My rework is clunky too but I’m not entirely sure what they want to say here.
  13. “The combination of increased ammunition, gun maintenance methods, and crew psychological training (including fear of the gunner’s wrath greater than fear of gun rapture).” This should be rewritten as “the combination of having more ammunition, better maintenance practices, and crew discipline training (including greater fear of the officer’s wrath than fear of gun ruptures).” Though a gun rapture would be something to behold XD. “Provide an option to shot doubles in close quarters.” Rewritten to “Provides the opportunity to shoot twice in close quarters.” “Lower initial ball speed means lower armor piercing, but who cares that on a pistol shot distance?” Rewritten to “Decreased ball acceleration lowers the armor penetration; but who cares when in pistol shot distance?”. - Double Charge Module
  14. The upgrades you can have are arranged in a different order depending on which ship you have selected making things extremely confusing
  15. . All gun options except for the trade musket have their dates attached to “service” (Example: Trade Musket ‘22 and Sea Service’38 Musket). Personally I prefer the space between word and date.
  16. Space between channel,not (channel, not). “Intercept a convenient fords in this area.” makes absolutely no sense. Maybe “locate a convenient ford in the area” - Crossfire mission description
  17. First sentence is a run on sentence and improper use of “-“. Space between ways.Therefore (ways. Therefore). “Reconnaissance mission, Eagerly accept this mission.Our” Rewritten to “Reconnaissance mission. Eagerly I accepted this mission. Our”. “Interceptor supply ships” to “Intercept supply ships.” “Well, now we will show them!” More realistic to saw “Well, now we’ll show them!” - Second Wave Description.
  18. “A few days ago acrew” to “A few days ago a crew”. “supply vessel “Rochester”reported” to “supply vessel “Rochester” reported”. “signal firefrom” to “signal fire from”. “one ofthesmall” to “one of the small”. “in thislocation” to “in this location”. “initially disregarded.Since” to “initially disregarded. Since”. “in this area.The” to “in this area. The”. “be undertaken.Mike” to “be undertaken. Mike”. “HMS “Robust”” to “HMS “Robust”.” - Smoke Over Island mission description.
  19. Defeat screen doesn’t start fully scrolled up. “Your utmost efforts were not enough to keep your out from the disappointment of your commander” Rewritten to “Your utmost efforts were not not enough to shadow your failures from your commander.” “Neither less, you decide to spend the rest of your active life in the sea.” Rewritten to “Nevertheless, you decided to spend the rest of your life at sea. “And, while the world dramatically changes around, you’ve always been happy and calm under glorious wings of sails above your head.” Rewritten to “Despite the dramatic changes in the world, you were always content under the glorious wings of the sails above your head.”
  20. HMS Revenge is misspelled - From Floyd Kershner.
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