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Please give us both, imperial & metric!

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On 12/8/2019 at 4:56 AM, Steeltrap said:

It's good for your brain. Younger people seem to freak out when I do those sorts of things in my head, or percentages.

Don't know why. I must be getting old or something.

p.s. it's 25.4.



I am not young. And I have played Warhammer40k for most of my life, so I am used to the Imperial system. It's just an annoying thing that is easily averted by a minor UI change. Besides, making this a "boomer vs millenial" (I am neither) problem is not really a way to discuss. Such minor things can have a bigger impact than you would think. Remember, most gamers are still 30 or below, the vast majority of strategy players comes from Europe, of which again the vast majority does not use the Imperial system. But it is the first thing they will see ingame. Quite a few will find a way to the Options menue to change that, but then again a good portion of the English Wikipedia entries on various warships are still Imperial system exclusive. So there you have a clickfest (that for me is already much easier as I have a multi monitor setup) just to get some historical more or less accurate ships...and a bunch of annoyed customers that go play something else. I have quite a few friends in the gaming industry, UI accessibility is probably one of the most important issues they have atm. Not only for younger people btw, but an increasing amount of elders or gamers that get older and have problems with their eyes, mental "speed" etc.

TL;DR: Making UI more accessible = profit, no matter how you think about it.

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On 12/8/2019 at 4:30 PM, Lobokai said:

Wow. This thread... most “first world problem/millennial” gamer complaint I’ve heard in a long time.  Seriously?  Convert in your head, if you can’t... well here’s a skill you need in your mental toolbox if you live in a mixed imperial/metric world anyway.  Reminds me of people who can’t tell time if it’s not digital. 

The implicit idea that something regarding a videogame could be something else than a "first world problem" is hilarious.

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