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Your own ship name or assigned one ?

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Or perhaps a mixture ?


Basically at the Moment the game is in Alpha, So yes you can have 6 Victorys on the same side, however im Assuming ((Yes I know never assume)) that these will be Ship Hulls given out, so should you be able to name your own Ship ? Immediately I would say yes, however perhaps a more cunning way of ship name, for instance, if your a Private Shipper or Pirate you can name your ship, but if your say a member of the Royal or French navy your ship is given to you and you have no choice in the matter. in some ways that might stop there being 400 HMS BATMANVSUPERMAN.


Thoughts on my ramblings ?

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I think that there should be a system where it lets you name your own ship but also have the option to automatically assign a name. I hope people wont start naming ships after things which are irrelevant to the time period such as your example of 'HMS BATMANVSUPERMAN' that would be pretty stupid and lose the realism aspect. But hey if somebody wants  to name there ship that i suppose they have the right to even when it looks ridiculous.  

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I'm in agreement with you SCL.


My suggestion is to for the game to have a supported "custom skin mod manager."  The best example of this is from War Thunder.  Basically it enables you to make your own custom skin and name on the nameplate of your ship which is then loaded in the mod manager.  This then in turn would allow you to personally see the name and skin of your ship while everyone else would still see the standard skin for that ship type.


I would love to customize my ships and allow people to be able to see them, however in another thread there is a terrible distain for people to name their own ships to avoid names like the "Lololoolllool."  My argument is that we paid $40 for this game, and that should been enough to wean out the immature.  Plus in open world, I expect ships are going to be costly things to build and create, therefore people will give these ships proper and respectable names.

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I'm thinking maybe there could be a system in place that gives you a huge list of things to call your ship. This would stop people calling their ships immature names and still keep that customisation option that allows you to change the name of your ship should you so desire for instance say if you got a new ship it would come up with a menu saying something Like


HMS Kent   then you could have an arrow which you click and it would give you a name at random such as HMS Defiant then you click again and it says HMS success etc etc until you get a name you like.


This is just an idea maybe not the best one but an idea nonetheless :)

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Some ideas off the top of my head:


  • An in-game acquired rank/authority (or something similar that takes significant effort to be awarded) that would allow the player to approve, reject, or name ships. Or some variant of this that would be fair and workable.
  • A system of whitelists or blacklists to filter out unsuitable names, but allow the vast majority that would be acceptable
  • Almost everything permitted by default and players can report names that are inappropriate to some authority
  • Only ships that require significant effort/cost to acquire can be named, such that the names need approval, and because of the value/scarcity of these ships it's not as common an occurrence, and thus more managable
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Let players call their ships whatever they want if they own the ship and aren't just assigned to it. Give players the ability to approve or disapprove of a ship name, like an upvote/downvote system. Players can choose in their own individual settings how much a name has to be downvoted before they don't see it (and see a generic name instead).


You get to call your own ship whatever you want, you get to set your own personal bar for how tolerant you want to be of other names, from not seeing any to seeing them all. Plus there could be some kind of incentive reward for highly upvoted names.

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I like HMS Khan


Has a ring to it and being totally adequate in historical terms links to my captain name.


But then some users just have very odd nick choices so it can become very comical very fast.

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Why would you settle for only one ship?


I want a flotilla !


As for ship names I will simply consult this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Royal_Norwegian_Navy_ships




While reading up on the Norwegian ships I came across the "Najaden"... which was sunk by HMS "Dictator".


Have to admit, HMS "Dictator" has a name that makes it sound like... yeah... not going to tango with that thing...


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My first ship would be LB Woofistan.

I don't care if someone names his ship as Lordzz NeviLslovela(Y)er32004, as long as the name is written only on the ship and not visible on the overhead markers. (Some restrictions might still be in place. Personally I wouldn't like to see ships named long live Hitler, praise Stalin, kill all (name your favorite minority) etc.)

IMO personalizing your ships also makes you want to keep them afloat.

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