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Solving Player Imbalance

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4 hours ago, Conte D. Catellani said:

IMHO first step could be reduce or cancel the possibility to use alts and see how thing go.

You probably don't know this but it is STEAM not the devs that allow alts. The devs have no control other than alt abuse like sinking yourself for gain etc.

Other alts practises like trade etc are completely legit.

Some of the biggest players in the game have several alts and it is  STEAM who permit this.

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4 hours ago, Bryan Von Gyldenloeve said:

Just think they should leave the game as it it. Ppl want to do RvR. Go to one of the 4 nations. We have Russia, GB, VP and Sweden.


More Russians = more rear areas for attacking soft Russians which his good.

 Rvr BR should be lowered a bit but it's fine if you want rvr then join the big nation's. 

If you want it easy with lots of resources join the big nation's.

If you want a meaningful challenge, join the small nation's.

If you want to be constantly attacked by your own sides alts sitting outside dock telling their mates when you leave port......join the pirates.



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people whining about alts are beating a dead horse. They are here to stay and its not going to ever be revoked. Dev's don't seem to care about forcing a penalty on the top nations in game so its up to the players to do something about it. (which is every so slowly seeming to begin)

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2 hours ago, Chromey said:

people whining about alts are beating a dead horse. They are here to stay

That's part of why I posted. If production is finite, I can make my own private clan of alts, but my port only produces 3 ships per day, I get diminishing returns from the excess.

One possibility for alts is to have xp decay and make crew size linear with xp so that 1000 xp in 5 alts is worth less crew than 5,000 in one alt. Make outposts and fleets unlimited but you have to pay a daily rent on each slot.

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