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Ornaments of the French ship-of-the-line "L'Hercule" (1797/8)


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Recently, I stumbled over a contemporary drawing of the designed ornaments for this French ship-of-the-line ( https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hercule_(1797) ), captured by the British in 1798 (https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/80672.html).

"Dessein de la Sculpture du Vaisseau L'hercule de 74 canons en construction dans le port de la ville de Lorient" (from an old exhibition catalogue: Ekhart Berckenhagen, Schiffe. Häfen. Kontinente. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Seefahrt, Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag, 1983, p.363):

The catalogue says the drawing is by Jean-Baptiste Bara, born 1763, maître-sculpteur at Lorient. It is said to be dated 1792, but the ship was ordered in 1793 only and laid down in 1794, so I don't know whether all the data is correct.

Sorry, no pictures as there is no free space left for attachments and I don't know how to get free space (tried but didn't work).

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1 hour ago, Wagram said:

The catalogue says the drawing is by Jean-Baptiste Bara, born 1763, maître-sculpteur at Lorient

I guess he is Jean Baptiste Joseph Bara, 1757-1830, maître-sculpteur at Lorient.

He drew, for example, the project of sculpture of the frigate L'Atalante in 1812 approved by Le Déan and kept at the Archives of the Navy.

Maybe replaced by Louis Hubac in 1817 as sculpteur.

Archives of his naval pension : here.

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On 11/19/2019 at 2:56 PM, LeBoiteux said:

right-click on the pic in imgur, open in a new 'onglet', copy the link and paste it here and you get that 

Sorry, but obviously I'm just too stupid to understand what you mean. I tried again with another picture but I just don't succeed at posting the picture directly. What do you mean by "right-click"? When I post the picture on imgur I get an url, and wherever I paste this url I'll always get the whole imgur page, never the picture alone...

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right-click = cliquer avec le bouton droit de la souris pour faire venir le menu (cf. image) et cliquer sur 'Ouvrir l'image dans un autre onglet' :


 Puis tu vas dans cet autre onglet et tu copies le lien de cet onglet et tu le colles dans ton post de NA.

J'imagine qu'il y a aussi une autre façon de faire mais ça marche comme ça et ça me va.

Voilou 🙂 

PS : j'espère avoir été clair cette fois.



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