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PvE Discord Server available to all

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Aloha y'all;

Just popping by to let you know that a friendly and helpful discord is established for the Peace server here:

Peace Server (PvE) unofficial Discord:  https://discord.gg/yADhrH3

the discord was founded by Zlahondro who works hand-in-hand with the admins Yachteru, Paulo de Antigua, and Friedrich der Große to keep it running smoothly;  they all greet you thus: "We aim to gather together quick access to pertinent info, guides and assistance for the PvE server's aspect of the game. While systematically creating an impartial and neutral meeting ground for diplomacy or other faction interactions. ..... The channel intends to be a fun and relaxing venue to hang-out and contribute your knowledge into the collective server knowledge! "Fair winds and a following sea!" --


von Krimm of Denmark; Jarl of Aloha (Discord recruiter)

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Update:  We are having great turn-out for the PvE Discord; thanks to all who have joined.  RvR diplomacy is on-going and everyone seems happy.

we still need some representation for Russians and Poles however; so if you are one of those, please hop into the PvE discord and participe.  invitation is in my sig.

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