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Ultimate General - Landship Committee

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So you got this ground game going in the Ultimate General series, and you got this engine, armor penetration mechanic and accuracy tables in the Ultimate Admiral series. Now start the Landship Committee and roll out some tanks!

You can also plan some DLCs:

  • Landship Committee - World War 1 era to Interwar, exploring a variety of possible decisions like multi-turret, infantry/cavalry tank combination, different suspension choices, tough decision choices due to limitation of railways and bridges of the time
  • Panzer Vor - World War 2 to Vietnam War, with emerging technologies like Gun Stabilization, Infrared Sighting, Tank Gas Turbines.
  • New E.R.A. - World War 3! ERA/NERA, active suspension, ATGM, active defense, countermeasures
  • Skynet - Proliferation of unmanned tanks, crew reducing systems, cross platform datalink, active camouflage plating
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