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[K33N] Clan - Pirates Recruiting for PVP (War) Caribbean server !

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Ahoy Captains!

This is for PVP server (War Caribbean) recruitment for Pirates. 

Arrr! Ahoy! Arr ye seeking a Pirate crew worthy of sailing amongst to pillage and plunder thee West Caribbean!? If so, yar in thee right haven! K33N’s pirate code is simple: Fly thee Jolly Roger and show no quarter to those whom stand in ye way. Thee Pirate life is for me. Is it for ye? 

About K33N

K33N (Aka K33N Gaming) is a large and growing gaming community and social platform for viewers, gamers, streamers, developers, and content creators to connect and share their gaming content with one another. K33N Gaming strives to be the hub for all game enthusiasts of all platforms. K33N Gaming lives on community support (you), hosts official game servers, supports streamers and helps build live streamers an audience, all while providing constant entertainment. K33N has over 5,000 site registered members and now has a Naval Action Division and that is the K33N pirate nation clan! 

We are a very active Pirate clan and we are seeking both new and veteran players. If you are a returning player we would also love to have you join our crew!

Our clan is a fun, relaxing community environment. If your a Pirate nation player, or interested in joining the Pirate nation and seeking a great clan, join K33N Gaming and proudly wear the [K33N] tag.

Most of the K33N crew speaks English, but we welcome all and have pirates who sail during all times of the day! 

If you would like to learn more about K33N Gaming Community, you can visit our website at: https://k33ngaming.com 


Reasons to join K33N’s Naval Action Division and what we have to offer:

K33N’s Naval Action division is growing fast and we have active members. We have a dedicated Website, and Discord community and active voice comms making the experience more enjoyable.

No matter your rank, or experience, we help all members. If you’re considering switching to the Pirate nation or currently a lone wolf looking for a clan to call home, look no further!

Being a member of our clan has many benefits such as:

  • Dedicated Clan Website & Large Gaming Community

  • Dedicated Clan Discord server/Comms

  • Dedicated shipwrights (Level 3 in Mortimer Town & Baracoa) & forges

  • Organized PVP roams

  • Organized PVE roams/hunting/missions/crafting

  • Working with allied pirate clans for nation-building activities/port defenses etc. 

  • Teamwork and Camaraderie

  • Professionalism in a relaxed, casual atmosphere

  • Provide you with ships

  • Provide you with guns

  • Provide mentoring and training and or assist in getting you started


How to join:

If you are interested in joining K33N, Please contact the following pirates in-game by PM or Mail. You can also message me @Captain BlackVane via the Forums here and join the K33N | Naval Action discord.

Captain BlackVane - Clan Leader

Cirus - Clan Diplomat  





Fair winds,

Captain BlackVane

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getting rdy to switch to pirates and you all looked real promising. im a new player but am very interested in this game, and learning what i can. Reminds me of EVE with tall ships ;) I am CPT Fuzzy in game.

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Gotta say these folks have been a great help in me getting started in this game. From advice to ships, explanation of game mechanics, gone out in groups a few times. Its been a good experience so far. So if its a Pirates life you seek, or part of the Nation already become one of us. If your part of the Nation in a clan already feel free to PM me and maybe we can go hunting together


Blood and Plunder, Yarg!

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On 6/11/2020 at 4:43 AM, Perry said:

Ahoy captain. I really need to join the the clan i am pretty equip and had alot of experience in the game i think i have spent 1890 days in the game so far with over 888million in gold pls invite

Ahoy @Perry sorry for the very late reply! What is your in game name mate? I can personally shoot you an invite. Add me on Discord: HoldenRiot#3853 and shoot me a message!

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