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Ultimate Air Marshall - Rise of Flight

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You got Ultimate commader games for land and the sea, now make one for the air! Start with World War 1, with missions like dogfights, close air support, strategic bombing. With campaign layer activities including research and construction, logistics, and interactions with flak or anti-air missiles.

Then you can add DLCs like with war thunder. 

  • Rise of Flight -ww1 era biplanes to WW2 monoplanes and strategic bombers penetrating a wall of flak to flatten cities.
  • Jet age - Me-262 to Mig-19 era with heat seeking missiles, with high altitude jet bombers making ground based flak obsolete so great powers race to build fast and high altitude interceptors
  • Lock on - Mig-25 to F-22 with radar missiles and attempts to spoof radar with stealth and ECM, and the need to set up air defense to counter the threat of stealth aircraft
  • Unmanned - Proliferation of unmanned aircraft like early cruise missiles all the way to unmanned stealth bombers that is cheap to build and can be expended without regard to losses, calling for to need of new tactics and equipment to counter the threat


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Could have a mission system like Kerbal Space Program. Where initially nobody takes your air force seriously, and you have to scrounge for funding by doing recon and support missions with balloons and unarmed planes for the army and navy, but as you build up your nation's aerial infrastructure, you become and independent force that can set your own goals and requirements.

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