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With people insulting you are not comfortable in the game

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They had just given me a beautiful belle-poule and when I left the port, near Baja Spanish port, I see myself as a Russian enemy coming for me.
I've been playing for less than a month and I'm surprised that there are four players with much more level than me.
I know it's a game and that sooner or later it had to happen but tell me by the chat "shut up dog ( female )" and I think 
it refers to another word that I would never think to say by an open chat.
I do not understand it because I consider myself an adult and I believe that nobody in this life consents that they insult you 
and less without knowing him and having given no reason for it
I also belong to a clan that invited me and so one has a better time and did not stop commenting that one of the members 
of the clan (the leader of the clan) came in calling him dog and create a more hostile environment.
From my point of view and taking years in online games and with people from many clans, I see that this should not be allowed since 
new players like me, want to uninstall the game and not re-enter it because it is A GAME and we enter to clear ourselves from everyday life 
and not enter and meet people like that.
I leave captures of the four people who attacked me and the comment in the chat while they came for me:


I'm very sorry my english is taken from the translator





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Please also make sure to report the chat abuse via in-game report function (right click on a person in chat and select "Report")

The case is under investigation. Appropriative actions will be taken

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