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I propose a CHALLENGE


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I completed all the missions a little while ago, and I don't want to just rehash things, so hence I thought it might be fun to get some kind of community game going on:

Build a ship with as many guns as possible on it.  Points for style.

I'll start the ball rolling with a 113 gun Yaaa-maa-toooooooooooo

Many guns yamatooo.png

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9 minutes ago, Asthaven said:

Yeah, got similar one detonated this morning by modern BB xD I got it down to 1% and couldn't go lower for like 20 minutes, took out 3 out of 4 of his main turrets and at one point he just detonated my ammo storage and destroyed me just like that lol... 

Yeah, the first time I did the Battlecruiser vs dreadnought mission, I got Hooded in one of the first salvos.

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