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So I haven't seen a popular thread about this so I wanted to make a statement for it. It think variety of looks and the ability to change how certain things look should be considered. Examples of what I mean, the 12 inch gun turret and 15 inch gun turret look very different from each other. But what if you like the way the 15 inch turret looks? Or how its armor facings are? Or cant afford to weight of the 15 inch battery? They should allow us to change and select the different looking things and whatnot for things like turret housings, torpedoe tubes and launchers, turrets, casemates, and even details on the hull. I think that would greatly help people make replicas or stylize their ships according to a particular country or idea. And they need to add a lot more variety of such things when the game is ready. I think it would help immensely with immersion and player free will.

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I agree, having some cosmetic customisability would be great. 

It would also be good to be able to change whether each level of tower has a place for funnels or a gun turret built in or not.   A lot of the time they are useful but they can also just get in the way, especially the spot for gun turrets if they are too small for the size of gun you want to put there. 

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Yeah when you select a 280mm or 305mm for example you should have the ability to first choose the amount of guns ranging from 1-5 for example then choose what the turret will look from 20 different designs or something and maybe 20 different gun barrel designs as well.

Hey maybe even the ability to put like animal heads on the end of the barrels like dragon mouths or something for further customisation and the ability to have words or decals on said turrets and the ships themselves, plus camos schemes that range from purely historic to beyond so 1 tone, 2 tone, 3 tones, 4 tone, and also different patterns to break up the colours.

Jus a little thought for customisation.

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