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Ladies and Gentlemen,

this topic is inspired by a national spanish topic:


Good morning captains; before the last patch in which the NPC can conquer the ports that until now carried the Spanish flag, once the companion factions of the server are conquered they are conquering these ports.
And I repeat fellow factions on this server I do not consider a player to play with another faction as an enemy.
But in the interest of the faction in general we should know all that is going to be done.
We are few players and we can not control the entire map and also any type of proposal is needed behind a logistic deployment to prepare to go all in the same state, some will cost more and others less, but gentlemen you have to decide what strategy we are going to follow.
There are 7 ports of 55 points right now in Spanish hands and the other factions are lurking which of these ports are free, I think we should share the cake, and not misunderstand and enter into a confrontation that would always be detrimental to both factions or the factions fighting over that port. It would be a waste of time and resources, since the confrontation would always be overdue to the NPCs attacking before ... this is not the PVP server, I remember everyone.
I also want to remind the strongest clans of the faction that making a solitary strategy without having the clans ... not so large in the long run can cause problems, since they may sooner or later need help and not have such clans ...
It is a matter of pure logic but you have nothing to do with them, they have to develop their port logistaca wherever they see combatant, then do not ask them to undo all their ports and mines to help some ports that you have conquered on your own without consulting.
Does this last sound like something to you? ... please, what are we going to do? and what matters least is how but at least you have to take an area as an objective and let it be known to the other factions.
Thanks and best regards.-

Spain has probably the most to loose in the current situation, or to see it from another angle, the most to give and share.

The idea is to avoid the loss of ressources and already taken ports by communication and diplomacy across national "borders".

On Peace Server Clans are more important than nationality, but still it matters as most people ignore (or close) global chat and cant

see, what others are doing. So I suggest to talk to each other and peacefully rearange the "new map" and help each other.

So please: talk here and in game (global chat) before randomly entering portbattles and take ports that can't be defended later or are

already taken and help each other out on defending "settled" ports.

Thank you!

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We are [RWC], a german language clan in Spain. We currently build our base in Nueva Barcelona, slowly moving our belongings (and production) there from Baracoa. We thought it'd be wise not to chose a 55Pt. port in the beginning. When we started, it had 45pt., now it is a 50pt. port.

[RWC] Elgered von Toerne

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I'm with CLAW, the largest American clan that I am aware of, and as it stands I'm certainly open to the idea. Our leader will need to validate anything, but there's certainty a fine merit of truth to this. With so many prospective ports, there's more than enough wealth to be shared and enjoyed by all. To ease the logistical burdens of diplomacy, perhaps a shared discord server where a single representative of the biggest clans for a nation represent their nation as whole through a shared alliance strategy. This would be beneficial, as each nation could help divide which 55 port and region they'd like to focus their efforts in. Given there's not enough 55 ports for everyone, sharing seems to be a highly beneficial strategy. Nation's with lesser populations who aren't able to acquire a 55 port might be given consideration by being provided a greater share of the map as a whole. Although those who'd be unable to get a 55 port would therefore get more map share, thus creating a feeling of fair consideration for their inability to get such a port. Therefore eliminating any hostile feelings among other nations, and remaining true to the peace server's spirit of cooperation and reduced tension. 

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I was aked by their clan leader to post here that HLF, pirate clan, is interested to join diplomatic process. 

Clan diplomat for HLF is Capt Magnus. 

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CLAW, US clan, is always interested in hearing others' thoughts.

Clan diplomat for CLAW is Randy.

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Moin RedDevil1986 und Captian Miras von [KWH] Seite Preussen Wir sind auch mit dabei Wir beide sind die diplomaten von unseren clan uns einfach anschreiben wir sind dabei

Or in english RedDevil1986 and Captian Miras KWH Prussian  we also interrestet on an allianz of some clans


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