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Chances are at least a few of the people you used to sail with still play, so you might want to ask around see if there's anyone you recognize. If not, I'm sure any nation would like the addition of an experienced sailor, I know we certainly would in pirates. 

You should probably know the current political situation too, which is Russia, Dutch, and Britain currently have the most population with Russia being the clear winner on the RVR and PVP side. Pirates, US, and Swedish also have enough people to fill port battles. So any of them would be a decent choice. 

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There is gonna be a BR rebalance of ports which makes rvr more accessible for all players combined considering a small clan can defend vs big one (bringing bigger ships etc).

From what admin said it will happen this week and i would guess that some of the players that left because of that will come back, so if i were you i wouldnt fully commit to a faction just yet :) 

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4 hours ago, Captain Biggus Dickus said:

Attention all sailors, 

This is Captain Biggus Dickus, an old-time pre-wipe veteran in Naval Action, and currently I am preparing to go back into game after not playing for more than a year. Any nation willing to foster and take care of me until I get back on my feet? :) 

Thank you. 

Hi Biggus! Although we do not go through our best moment, you know that in Spain you have good comrades. Regards!!! and welcome again.

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