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Loki Rune Stone Does NOT need to be in PVE

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Okay so my thoughts on the Loki Rune, I've only put in about 105 hours into this game so far.  I mean plain and simple a PVE is meant to be PLAYER VS ENVIRONMENT.  With Minimal to NO PVP what so ever.  There is a lot of people arguing and being quite toxic in some cases regarding the Loki Rune being added into the PVE server.  In my opinion quite frankly, the Loki Rune is NOT needed for PVE.  What I would suggest is if players have a problem with each other and want to battle it out ONE on ONE they can go into a specific designated spot somewhere off in the map where its NOT going to effect the game play of the PVE server.  That's perfectly fine.  How ever if I do want to play PVP and go fight other players and what not I can just take my happy little self and character right on over to the PVP server and jump in and start brawling there.  The game is good other wise.  So this Rune stone created a hole bunch of Un Necessary drama on PVE players.  I suggest leaving this entirely out of PVE leave it the way it was.  Create the small designated PVP section for the PVE.  Where as one would have to buy into it as a certain amount of Doubloons or even higher amount of Reals in order to cover the repair costs of the person that lost his or her ship in the PVP match on the PVE server in order to make it fair and even worth while.  I'm quite fine with just battling it out against AI bots for the time being.  So is Loki Rune even needed on the PVE server, that's a NO from me.

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