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Plea for deban on behalf of a teammate

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Hello, I come here on behalf of Makhno, a teamate who feels he has been wrongly banned from the forum, here is the message he asked me to convey:

Hello to you, I turn to the tribunal to plead my case since the rules of the forum allow me to do so and it is obviously the only recourse I have. I was definitively banned from the forum two weeks ago, without any warning or explanation and especially without having violated any rules of the said forum.

In a discussion about the development and future of the game, I published the following message:

Frankly, I admire you guys for continuing, after all these years, to try to argue for an improvement in the game situation. I had done alpha when there was only naval combat, I came back 1 month ago and that was enough to understand that overall, Game Lab doesn't care about the future of this game or the opinion of its own community.

There are a lot of simple solutions that do not require recoding 3/4 of the game that could very quickly improve the RVR balance or even the ergonomics of the game. But no, they would rather consider adding a twelfth faction, as if having 11 was not already a huge game design mistake. Not to mention the absurd idea of an NA 2.

The simple fact of not bothering to provide us with a real roadmap or patch note for an alleged imminent update shows how far they have moved on.

Too salty? There is reason to be outraged at such a waste.”


If I can imagine that the message was not pleasant to read, I can't explain why it was deleted 5 minutes after posting it and the immediate ban that followed.

I then asked for explanations via the "contact us" link of the Game-Labs forums but I never got any answer, no notification, no explanation. And always in a cordial and respectful tone. This is evidenced by my third attempt:

Hello, regarding my ban, I have rechecked the forum rules and it is clear that I have not broken any rules.

So, since I had absolutely no explanation as to why I was banned, I ask you to consider my request to recover my rights. 

I've always supported this game since it was alpha. It is also my right to be disappointed by the way it has developed through beta and especially since its release. I didn't use any insults, any personal attacks and even if my message wasn't pleasant to read for you or the development team, you should have replied, not deleted it and even more, not banned me.

To be honest, I am a game designer and I know the industry. All I was trying to do was send a message to the development team because from my point of view, NA is clearly no longer a priority for Game-Labs, and that's why I called it "waste". This game has a magnificent basic game mechanics and an enormous potential because there is almost nothing else about the age of the sailing era. There was no communication on the release, so the number of players remained low. And this weak base of players is all the more in decline as there are critical problems concerning the RvR balance. There are solutions to this, the community has developed many ways to do it with some adjustments and tools that are easy to implement. But as it seems that there is no consideration given to our opinion or comfort in the game (ergonomics!!), we, the community that has chosen to trust you and support you over the years, are actually reaching the limits of accumulated frustration. If you can't understand this and respond with hope, I don't understand your approach as a community manager/development team member. 

I find it unacceptable to ban without reason, without explanation, without warning. This potentially reflects the denial you are in about the situation of the game. Rather than censoring those who point this out to you while others use racist, misogynistic or homophobic insults without being worried, agree to work with the community, to be really transparent about the future of the game, even if the news is not good. You make an indie game, you can't work against the current of what your community wants. We are not always right, we do not always agree among ourselves. But if the overwhelming majority of the community tells you that adding an additional faction (whatever it may be) or projecting yourself on the development of an NA 2 when the launch of NA 1 has not proven its worth are catastrophic ideas, listen to it. It is not a matter of letting yourself be dictated by your conduct, but at least listening to those who have supported you and are still supporting you despite the anger and taking into account the opinions in order to find consensual and productive solutions.

In short, I am still waiting for an explanation of the real reasons for my banishment and a correction of the situation. If once again my message is ignored, I will be forced to go through the tribunal via my contacts who still have access to the forum and to highlight your authoritarian practices.”


So maybe it is a mistake in which case it deserves to be repaired as soon as possible, but after two weeks of waiting, still having no explanation, I have no choice but to go through a public relay.

Courage to the whole community in these difficult times.


In addition to his message, i'd like to add the following :

I have been playing with Makhno since some times now, and even though he might be heated in some situations (as we do all), i have never seen him being disrespectfull or insulting.

I thank you to consider his demand, only a player who care about your game would take the time to post on this forum the way he do.




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