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Some suggestions for more dramaturgy in RvR

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Don't you think the game lacks goals ? As much for the attackers as for the defenders, capture all ports seems long and boring without strategic tools of domination and alliance. What will small nations do when they have no more craft port ? They will watch the end of the match between the remaining 2 or 3 nations ? Many prefer to stop the game.

I think we could learn from other strategy games to improve the strategic side.

Some suggestions :

- To impose objectives by nations, for example to defeat 4 or 5 enemy nations, with a reset of all ports when the objective is reached. Passing the victorious nation to posterity, exclusive grade for veterans, decorations, etc...

- To allow the capture of national capitals, concluding the fate of a nation in a final epic battle named Capital Battle. Find a new battle mechanic that makes it particularly difficult, for example: no circle, no time, to completely defeat the fleet, 4 big forts of defense, or a BR more restrictive for the attackers 15K vs 20K, etc...

-The defeated nation becoming a protectorate nation (forced alliance) of the winning nation. Allowing the winner to have one less enemy, and allowing the defeated nation to continue to craft good ships in their capital and under their original banner. Today they only have the choice to change the nation or to craft rotten ships without bonuses. Having an impregnable capital has no interest for big nations now, without bonuses.

-If a capital is dominated, it can also be delivered by another nation, reversing the strategic balances between the nations.

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Hey there,

The problem is RvR activity and content has drasticaly lost its conflicts dynamic once Dev's decided to bring the "clan system" over the "nation system".

Since then I guess lots of players are either confused or bored in the current RvR stream.

The player community took this new "clan system" mod as one more development option that we religiously tested, but that option became final till now...

How many players did shout in this forum not to adopt this mod as the diplomatic side of RvR was ruined ?


So your suggestion got a main bottle neck with a "no diplomacy" NA.

We played with Alliance system between factions and it worked much better than now for RvR dramaturgy

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Yes, I agree with you to create an alliance system, or diversify the rank of vessels and BR in PB. But that does not solve the lack of goal in the game. If we increase the cost of ports, no nation could conquer the whole map, and claim victory. The game is an endless sandbox, without purpose. Welcome to the game where no one can win.

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