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To help other player and devs see what is possible with the current version of the ship designer let's post images of our best (and worst) work. Include comments on how they perform in action. Wierd, wonderful, and woeful.

Where you have tried to emulate a historical example include an image of the actual ship that inspired your design (copyright permitting) 

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recreated the iowa/south dakota-class as accurately as possible with the parts available, placed a single 52mm (2") for nearly every other aa gun (40mm bofors and 20mm oerlikon) where i could place them, other than that the 406mm (16") main guns and the 127mm (5") dp guns are accurate though displacement is higher here despite setting it to lowest possible (66k tons)


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On 10/25/2019 at 7:30 AM, Absolute0CA said:

We got a thread for this... the pic one in general

OK well, I saw the thread asking for beautiful images, but that is dominated by in-battle scenes. I was hoping we could have a separate thread with content like deilywnnA posted. Ie dedicated to the ship design aspect showcasing the potential of the ship designer in the hands of the community. 

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