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Jason Lee

We need more than war

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1 clans from the same nation can be hostile and fight at each other while clans in different nation can be allied.

2 condense the size of OW map, and only researve carribian sea.

3 cancle the WO , which means cancle the mechanic of battile timer and tagging, map will switch when player running out of one.

4 bring back the mechanic of the wood forest only produce in a certain ports but only the nation capture it can have access to producing the wood log

5 bring back the mechanic of ship component used for construction ships.

6 one can join pirate only with the permits of privateering issued by the nation

7 pirates cant constract shji  ships, they can only remould ships but its limited in a certain way

8 pirates have more powerful crew but the reals to maintain it will cost more accordingly, and trading can be escorted by navy ships if you apply for, but it will cost you some reals.

9  NPC PB wins only when one side eliminates the other side, rather than capturing circule

10  NPC PB defending force will be in the upwind and wont chase players  initiatively. and NPC PB defending ships can repair themselves every half hour.

11 we should bring the food and water in game , crew need water and food to survive , so players need to buy those before their departure, and the ships need constant maintain in dock

12 ships .built in different nations should have different profile.

13 1 st rate should use permits to build and the permits are only available for the clans that are the most powerful.

14 pirates need to be taxed and hand in reals for the nation in a ragular basis because they need the privateering permits to be pirate,

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