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What mischief did the Loki Rune cause for you or others?

Unofficially the best addition to the game since forever the last patch as all patches are awesome.

The Loki Rune allows you to become one with the NPC, you are just a piece of cannon fodder for the carebears of the Caribbean, or are you?

Post battles which you have participated in after you've used your Loki Rune or have had it used against you!

Moi shall start.


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The 2 times I used it so far, I was dumped into an already sinking AI. First time I was able to get a full broadside off in  Swedish Surprise vs a Danish Wasa. The other time I was 10 seconds from fully sunk. I should've ss'd them both.

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I joined this battle of a pirate player vs a tbrig npc. While the pirate player was sinking the npc tbrig pulled up right next to him and started to board (100% sure the tbrig got loki-runed). The pirate won and took over the t-brig, I let the pirate go because I was baffled and amazed at the same time. Good addition to the game @admin!

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I got 2 Runes so far, neither were from elite ships, just random drops from killing AI.

First one I already detailed in another post but long story short I ended up in a 6th rate (I forget which) against another 6th rate. It was in a tight bay near a city with a fort, so I got pounded hard by the fort and got demasted 30 seconds in. Couldn't do anything until the player came close to loot as I was dying, managed to rage board him. Didn't win the boarding, but I bet he was confused by that move, hehe.

Second one was last night, ended up in a half damaged Essex with 4 other 5th rate buddy AIs versus a USA Bellona (shout out to El Mexicano). Most ships were pretty beat up, he managed to sink us all but I was the last one to go and certainly made things spicier for him, kept stern camping him and graping him, was hoping he'd ignore me long enough for me to board him with a numbers advantage but he melted the little I had left before I could get there.

Talked to the player after and he never realized that something was up, he didn't even know about the Loki Rune.

That was a fun fight, I got some legit enjoyment out of it and definitely made his encounter a little harder.

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I'm afraid that Loki rune could be another thing which lower population of servers. I already few times barely survived battle against NPC fleet cause of other players taking command on AI ships. 

I understand that it's a testing thing, or some idea to develop but when I play on PVP server (the only one I ever played), when I'm attacking NPC fleet I'm expecting AI enemy. Otherwise it's not PVE but PVP and that's not what I'm going for with my PVE fitted 1st rate.  Anybody with better turn rate will ass wreck me and capture/sink. Expecially if he have support of another 2-8 AI ships. Where is a fun in that for me? Our Loki captain is not even risking his own ship.. .

When I goes for PVE and being attacked by bunch of enemy players - that's ok - It's what I can always expect, and they risking they own ships as well. But NPC turning in real players is not fair. 

Thanks for creating and developing game! Please consider other use for Loki Runes - possibly as a some kind of ticket to easy acces PVP arena where loki rune owners are fighting against each other 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 ect in some similar BR...  that could be fun for somebody who want's join game just for fast PVP battle. 

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19 hours ago, JG14_Cuzn said:

They can be traded or sold. 

Are you sure? I know you can now put them on contract but I think I was unable to trade one from one player to another. 

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I triend to grind my Rattlesnake on weakest 5th rate to speed up  whole damn thing. Of course with my luck I got Loki Rune Player who didn't give a hello kitty and boarded me as soon as he could. Fun, fun , fun. Lucky me I'm not a freshly started player who loose his only ship in game ;]

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