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Formations and Groups.


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I think there should be some kind of pre battle formation tool that allows us to control the formation of our ships more exactly.

Secondly when a ship is too damaged it should fall not only out of line but also out of the group as it messes up the AI pathing something fierce. This applies for both AI and Player control.

Thirdly we should have an option to make our ships sail at the speed of the slowest ship in formation. 

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i remember Battlestations: Midway and Battlestations: Pacific, there was a mix of very good and very bad things about those games but one of the things they did superbly well well was ship formations:

basically in those games, when you had ships grouped together in a formation, you just had to hit a buton to enter the fromation menu, and in there, you had an overhead view of the formation centered on the commanding ship, then you could select and drag every ship in the group to whatever position you want it to have relative to the commanding ship, and when you're done setting every ship in the formation to where you want, you hit ok. from now on the AI will always try to keep the ship in that position relative to the commanding ship, adjusting speed and turning as nessesary, you just give move orders to the commanding ship to move the entire formation.

it was intuitive, quick and simple and it worked perfectly well. EVERY single game that does ship combat should use the same system for formation imo.

whould very much like to see this emulated in this game.

was kind of hard to find good pictures of it but i got one, it looked like this:

the commanding ship is in white, the yellow ship is the one currently selected, of which you are setting his position in the formation (the transparent outline shows where the ship is right now, the arrow where he is gonna go when you hit OK)



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I quite enjoy the mess naval combat can become.. and it's quite accurate. communication was difficult.

Putting the fleet in battle order is a mess in the game but it was difficult back then . Fleets were quite vulnerable at this moment so it should stay like this.

But I would like a bit more control of the fleet, especially the ability to switch between ahead and abreast formation, where all ships from a line turn at the same time to go abreast and then reform the battle line with a other coordinated turn . I got a exemple form the Jutland battle.

Same thing during the battle Sheer make his ship do a U turn in the same time to disengage. It would be nice if it is possible to do the same.



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