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[] My experience and feedback of the game thus far []

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Not what I thought it was going to be, at all. Completely mislead by the Steam page.

Rating: 2/10

-Missions constantly crash to desktop, the first 5 and last 5 worked fine, everything in between had quite a few problems and no reason stating why. 

-The ship building is nothing like it was shown on the Steam page.

-On the Steam page it stated: [Below] Now the game went from $25 to $35 despite what it stated on the Steam page. Fantastic. 

-The graphics are mediocre, extracted directly from a 2002 PS2 game. 

-Buggy, laggy, optimized, completely unplayable for the most part. 

-Demanded a refund and got no message pack for 19 days now, terrible customer support can't even shoot me an email even though both on the phone and in live chat they said they would. Going to give Paypal a call and demand my money back, this is a complete rip-off for $50. What an absolute scam. 

-Not to mention the forums are completely censored, everything has to be "approved". Can't even post freely so how am I supposed to give "feedback" when anything not supporting the devs is censored. 


Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts will have the same price in Early Access and Full Release version.”


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I want my money back
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good read but please do also a review after 200 hours > 2000 hours  .

it will be good to follow the player progression

in a more aged experience.

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