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Super Dreadnought or Battlecruiser crash issue


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Is anyone else having the issue where as they try to sink the enemy fleet it seems to crash, the other day while playing it i managed to sink 3 of the enemy DD's and one CL as i was finishing up one of the BB's my game went kaput. little frustrating but for sure the only mission I've surprisingly had any issue in. Personally too i thought the mission would be running better the more ships I sunk, anyways does anybody know if its maybe an optimization issue or more of an issue on my end?


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Ive had crashing on other missions as well but this one seems to be giving me issues. 3/3 times I've gone to play it and the game crashes. Tends to happen either when a DD is hit and the ammunition explodes causing a huge lag spike. 


Using and i5 7600k A RTX 2070 and 24gb of ram. 

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