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Admiral Thrasbarg

Fun with Flags by Admiral Thrasbarg

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I am not too certain about non-British navies but i do know for certain that the flags displayed on ships at sea are wrong. I know this one may seam pedantic but after years in my actual life dealing with muppets (not you guys, you are making an amazing game) balls up with flags. I thought in the interest of correctness it would be worth making you aware of this.

In the cast of the RN the White Ensign is never flown from the bow. Ever.
It would be flown from the stern of the ship in harbor and be accompanied by a Union Jack flown from the bow.
At sea the Ensign is flown from the main mast. 
Should the ship go into action it would not be uncommon of the Commanding Officer to order the Battle Ensign to be flown from the mast head. I have one of these flags its about 8 feet tall and around 15 feet long.

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