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@ admin You sure that isn't Chinese? Knife type / Knife Shape as I'm not getting that instead of Japanese Kanji .... might be helpful what the content is of the phrase being said.  

@ chailang  You would know better than me if it's Chinese over Japanese? 


I haven't used Japanese in ages so I'm very very rusty on the kanji so can't be much use.

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This Knife Shape in Japanese

@Sir Texas Sir  is correct @admin  you are using simplified Chinese NOT Traditional. 

Careful using auto translators. Effect can have many different meanings. I have a tattoo of two characters that translate as "Empty Hand". Read by a Chinese person would imply EMPTY HAND I'm poor without food or wealth? Read by a Japanese person translates as Karate or  the martial art that uses no weapon i.e. Empty Hand.

What do you actually want to say in English?





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