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with proportional compensation to the victory condition

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Well i am not the best in english, so i hope you all understand my ideas:

Realm versus Realm seams to not work, because one Side gets the lead to easy and for ever if there is no sort of Wipe.... well a wipe is no option.


I think there needs to be just a complete different approach for the Reasons of RvR

Make different ways of RvR Conditions, some examples:

Nation can get Victory by:

- most travel distance for Trader Missions or successful delivery

- most Tax income of Ports, only 5 biggest Ports count

- most Ports on the Map (is still a valide way)

- biggest alliance in Nation (Diplomacy between clans, with some more rules to not easie get this)

- and much more


That is the first step, the more important one comes here!

The Propotional Compensation based on Player per Nation!


most travel distance for Trader Missions

- russian (pop of lets say 300 player) gets 0.33 per Travel Unit

- USA (pop of lets say 25 player) gets 4 per Travel Unit


so the same amount of Points by lesser Player, in the end it needs 12 Russian Player to get the same Victory Points as 1 USA player


This way there is no need to have any Ports, at least for RvR, and you could lets say Reset those every 60 Days? so everybody has Chances to get ontop!







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