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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos

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I spent hours editing this one

May I present... IJN Torpedo Spam  

question, can one purpose built BB take on 99 early Bs? in a in the face, close range brawl?     why yes. yes it can. and the visuals are glorious.   i've never seen so m

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here's a bunch of my best pictures in my opinion:screen_1920x1080_2020-09-24_21-32-21.thumb.png.316e4b3150bb75b304c9c14579255e7d.png

Battleship Pytor Velikiy delivers a fatal blow to battleship HMS Colossus as battlecruiser HMS Renown sinks in the distance

screen_1920x1080_2020-11-16_22-03-30.thumb.png.d2a97fc8c5bd9013f0b5be19731dacfa.pngBattleship Napoléon in action

screen_1920x1080_2020-10-08_21-52-46.thumb.png.acd86e5c85a36d5850c4b6f6f6827e37.pngAmerican battle line, comprised of the battleships USS New Jersey, USS Utah, USS Louisiana, and USS Michigan

screen_1920x1080_2020-09-15_21-30-09.thumb.png.1df0a3dbb34dcd0a5f5ca4286dd6d480.pngBattleship SMS Vernichter tanks a flash fire from "Y" turret and lives to tell the tale

screen_1920x1080_2020-11-11_12-24-13.thumb.png.90be01fd75a15be19ec149eff8590f47.pngPocket Battleship SMS Vulcan fires a point blank salvo at battlecruiser République

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Dipping into more modern designs as WW1 era stuff is becoming more neglected unfortunately.

Here is the French 1935 battlecruiser Triomphe, a spiritual successor to leverette battlecruiser of 1913 (from my battlecruiser panic senario), unfortunately she looks quite top heavy for the hull, but thats my only problem with her:





Also side question, was wondering if earlier quads for smaller caliber guns will become available? Im directly thinking of the plans for the normandie battleship class from france intended for construction in 1912-1913. These plans had the ships equipped with quadruple 340mm gun turrets (in game this design would be applied to 12 inch and 13 inch gun turrets), this would allow me to redesign leverette etc with 2 quads rather than 4 twins for extra frenchyness

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