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10 hours ago, Christian said:

numbers of hits is number of hits before they were guaranteed dead i believe 

It should be noted that those numbers are disputed, and regardless of the numbers of hits taken, there's a lot of debate about at which point these ships were "doomed" with further hits merely being overkill. The number of hits claimed they took before going under does not necessarily equate to the number required to cripple or sink them. But either way those hit numbers are the "high" estimates and significantly exceed the numbers from Japanese sources or the US Technical Mission to Japan. For example, for Musashi, from the US Technical Mission to Japan S-06-2:

34. Thus there were five starboard and five port certain hits, possibly augmented by one or more of the four purported hits received in the last attack, although these possible hits are considered improbable. The equal distribution, port and starboard, and the interval between attacks undoubtedly were responsible for MUSASHI´s lingering death throes.

So there were 10 confirmed torpedo hits on Musashi, with another 1-4 possible but considered improbable.

For Yamato (on page 15):

Certain: 9

Probable: 1

Possible: 2 (although the text indicates It is considered doubtful, in view of the lack of information concerning them and the angles of list reported, that they occurred)

These reports have a lot of information that could also be used to possibly infer at which point the ships were doomed (or perhaps how an attack of lesser numbers of torpedoes could have sunk them), so I'll just recommend reading through the report's points. For example points 37 and 38 deal with counterflooding:

Although a moderate list could be removed quickly, as in MUSHASI's case, counterflooding capacity was limited to little more than required to right the ship when struck by three torpedoes on one side, if the torpedoes did not defeat the torpedo defense system. In YAMATO's case, if the two starboard hits had not occurred, the inability to control angles of list greater than about 10' undoubtedly would have become apparent much earlier in the action. Counterflooding of outboard engineering spaces is an extreme measure and inadvisable except under the most adverse circumstances. It can scarcely be classes as a routine operation. 38. With a sharp list, of the order of 16', where the upper (U.S. main) deck takes the water, the outboard voids could be filled only to about 55 per cent capacity by flooding from the sea - a serious deficiency in attempting to control list, by virtual of the small righting moment thus available. This was an important factor in the capsizing of both YAMATO and SHINANO. There was no damage control pumping system of adequate capacity provided for completely filling the outboard voids in case of large angles of list.



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49 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

This discussion truly illustrates why we have to be very careful with torpedoes and their accuracy/damage.  We are talking about Yamato and Musashi now...both of whom were destroyed by AIRCRAFT.  Not relevant to the game as it stands now. 

Exactly. Aircraft Torpedos are very different from Ship Torpedos anyways, since they need to carry far less fuel and can have a better payload to fuel ratio due to that. In addition to this, Aircraft torpedos obviously need to be light and short enough for a plane to even carry them. There's not even a real connection here, as far as I'm concerned.

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