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Tips for Torpedo Basics?


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Make your destoyers as fast as possible and as many as possible. Use your smoke screen when things begun to look ugly, and go straight for him! When your first DD gets hit you detach it, put torpedo use on aggreesive and set it on a course that will hopefully allow it to unleash a volley. Meanwhile the rest of your squadron keeps closing the distance. I got close enough with two of my destroyers for both to fire their volley of torpedoes from almost point blank range ( a few hundred meters). Sent that ### to the bottom of the ocean real quick!

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If your speed is high enough, any damaged DD or TB (pretty sure I won with DDs, don't remember) will drop out with even moderate damage (then click on that one, if its a DD, and have just it pop smoke, because at this time it will be your lead ship and can screen the rest)... put torps on "safe" until you are in a perfect spot to send in close range perpendiculars (now watch your alpha strike go), then have all remaining DD's slow down, smoke and do a tight loop where you're turning in towards the BB, change torps to "normal"... this makes you really hard to hit and will give you better torp launches... if your alpha didn't do the trick, and it often will, then this should do it too... don't manually detach any vessels, they'll do their best to station keep and when you dropped your speed to loop, they'll automatically try to rejoin your formation, typically giving them excellent shots too.

if TBs, do all the things, just with TB's 

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