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Port ownership, bonuses, friends list - reworked

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I think port bonuses was an attempt to make ships unique and ports matter.
I believe this was discussed and offered some time ago.

Reasons for above solutions was that if devs are hard set on the current system - they would only want to hear about how to balance it out.
If you are hard stand on your opinion what is in your opinion better this wont get us anywhere. Unfortunately.

I always promoted professions in ship building. A player may specialize only in one profession. Each profession gives an ability to craft related part of the ship with bonuses.

The ships are made from complete parts. Sails, Hull, Bow, Stern, Mast, Stricture etc etc. Even cannons. All bonuses are made by players.
Port themselves should give economic bonuses that might benefit in crafting some part. I've got it written somehow. Can did out if anyone is interested. But chances are its a waste of time discussing this.
It is what it is and if we are not offering solutions to balance the current system then there might not be ANY improvement

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I am beginning to think that the only way in which there will be a player driven option for crafting bonuses is if it is offered as a DLC. The question then becomes how many players will have issue with it as it may be viewed as changing the game to one of pay to win. The current DLC ships area already much weaker when compared to ships of equal rank if you just view it by the numbers. I think that if the only future DLC's are restricted to just ships that the game will not progress based on the abilities of the current ships as a guide and that some of the ships cost as much as buying the game which I have never seen any company do. Most of the DLC's that I have seen for other games are about 1/8th to 1/5th the price of the game itself.

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