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Installation & Settings (Limited Edition)

Nick Thomadis

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  • You need the "Limited Edition" that you can purchase in our online store: https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/pre-order 
  • In the email you used to buy the game, you should have received two separate messages: 
    1) Your receipt: including a link to download the launcher
    2) Your activation key.

  • Download and install the launcher to your preferred hard drive location.
  • Run the launcher for the first time and you will see this window:
    Choose "Create Account".

  • Follow the simple steps to create an account with your email (not necessarily the one you used to purchase the game). You will see this image:

  • After creating the account, return to the Launcher's window, add your email/password and "SIGN IN".
    Note: It is advised to enable "Remember me" so that you do not have to type your account details every time you want to launch the game.

  • When the launcher opens you must go to "Options" and choose "Redeem Key". Then add the key you received to activate the game. From the Options you can install the game, repair installation etc. After installing, you are ready to play the game!Launcher1.png

Additional Settings

Under your username you can find the "Settings".


It is advised to enable the settings shown in image.


Additionally you can open up the "NEWS" to read about recent patches or other information about the game.


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